Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And thus we begin

Day one.

I've been prepping the kids for a few days now, telling them we were going to have a "grateful month" with the food that is put before us.  The combos may be strange, it may not be what we prefer or even what tastes good to us, but it is food and it will give us the nutrients and strength we need to live.  --You know, normal mom propaganda.  ;)

Everything went well today; no pouting at all.  But, Donnie got his beloved pasta marinara for dinner (didn't have the heart to tell him there is only one box of pasta left) and the kids got their fav: wheat noodles tossed in parmesan and a smidge of butter.  The cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch are so common in the Crouch home no one gave it a second thought. 

I even made my first peach cobbler.  Yes.  Me.  From scratch....using my mother-in-laws canned peaches.* 

*A special shout out to my MIL for sharing her canned goods with us. 

**Another shout out to whoever accidentally unloaded the canned goods into the garage instead of the house during our last move--hiding them in there until just a few days ago (PERFECT timing to find them!). 

***Back to my MIL for another shout out for properly canning so after 1.5 years they are still perfectly preserved. 

****A final shout out to Fort Collins for having the weather to allow canned good to stay preserved even while they sit in a garage for TWO summers. (Sorry, Vegas, your winter's wouldn't even allow that!)

So a normal--even treatful--day.  We'll see what tomorrow brings. 

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