Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Day Nine.

Today brought a new challenge: the scheduling of October visitors!  I have a state licensing exam on Saturday (eek!) and, since Donnie is working, my mom, sister, and two nieces are coming up for the weekend to watch the little ones. 


That was my moment of panic this morning.  Not that we don't have enough food in house but it's strange combos at times and not always enough of one thing to feed eight people.  Then I remembered--I had put some things aside for my mom and for the end of the month (trying to save some "normal meals" for the end of October).  Phew! Saving has paid off.

I still felt weird asking them to come up and do me a favor and yet not have some of their favorites in the house, so I sent them the meal plan for this weekend. They were both 100% on board!  (I have such amazing family.)  They didn't complain or even hesitate at the food combos but instead my mom verified the "rules" and my sister verified we had enough for her and her two girls.  --Um yes!

I'm so excited to share a portion of our month with my family and hope that the kids will show their Gammy and Auntie their grateful attitudes.

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