Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Zoo (NO) bucks

Day Eight.

We went to the zoo (membership so it was $0) and I packed a picnic and some snacks in case the little ones got hungry (always!).  To my surprise--and delight--there was NO asking for extra food or souvenirs.  They did ask to go on the carousel, which I had to say no to since my membership does not cover that, but the girls took it well (the youngest, not as well but I gave him grace since he's barely three ;) ).  But what I really appreciated was that I realized how easy it is to go to something more special and yet skip even the small purchases.  I often times feel compelled or obligated to get them a little something when we go someplace fun--even if it's tiny.  But I stood firm and they barely noticed.  That is a savings that will come in handy for years to come.

Perfectly happy without zoo treats! (Looking at a komodo dragon)

Getting out of the house = nice.  Spending $0 = awesome.  Practically no complaining = priceless. 

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