Saturday, October 19, 2013

Not-so-slim Pickings

Day Nineteen. 

The girls are quickly learning the main difference between a vacation and a field trip is a field trip includes homework. Ha!  We started with school work in the morning and then moved outside to get some gardening lessons from Grandma. 

Tomato and tomatillo picking (and enjoying)  
Even the green tomatoes get picked at the end of the season

After the garden it was off to the orchard. Donnie, being the tallest, was elected to be in charge of the apple picker, but the girls loved helping. Grandma was on hand to instruct which apples could be used for various canned goods and snacks and which should be left behind for the deer, turkeys, and other wildlife to enjoy (ones that were too soft or rotting or ones that were already munched on by something else).  Today the harvest, tomorrow the canning and prep! 

So many apples--oh the possibilities!

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