Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NOT Funny

Day Twenty-Nine

My sister and brother in law are in town (they have been since Saturday night) and are living the poverty life with us. ;) 

Even willing to have beans and cornbread with us!

It has been fun sharing our food challenge with our family again.  Brittany and DJ have been great sports about it all and have helped with groceries since the amount of people in the house has nearly doubled. 

I did break the rules for them though: I promised my BIL a special dessert while he was deployed and I got to make them an entire 13x9 pan this weekend.  --And I don't feel guilty about that rule break at all.  Ha!

I found one thing completely ironic and NOT funny while I was out with my sister yesterday.  My little niece needed some winter clothes, so we went to various stores--one of them being Children's Place.  Some of you may remember my poor attitude regarding the shoes I really wanted for the middle one--high-top, leopard print tennis shoes with pink glitter laces.  Well we walk into the store and there sat this shirt:

"I ♥ my...."

Her birthday is fourteen days away and the frustration at wanting the shoes--and now this shirt to go with those shoes--came flooding back.  But I stood strong. 

Thanks DJ and Brittany for being great house guests and being brave enough to visit during the end of our $0 October.  Now time to "hillbilly" it up.  ;)

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