Saturday, October 19, 2013

On the road again!

Day Eighteen. 

We've been given a scholarship!!

My mother and father in-law have been reading my updates. About two weeks ago my MIL called me with an idea/question: would a trip out to their ranch (Hidden Canyon Ranch by Great Basin National Park) be $0 October cheating IF 1) we didn't have to pay for the trip, 2) the kids (and adults) were given some lessons in working and living off of the land and canning the harvested produce, and 3) if my MIL could share how her parts of her childhood trained her to be grateful with what she had--even though it wasn't much. My response: No! --That's not cheating the $0 October!  

I love the idea of the kids getting to see their grandparents' root cellar and help harvest the remaining produce from their multiple gardens and orchards.  Technically my kids have seen those before but not in the same way. I saw the trip as an amazing opportunity for the kids to get some hands-on lessons and hear about their grandmother's history. 

So we left today--and not without some speed bumps. 

Coming up with food to take on the road with an ever-shrinking pantry was quite the challenge! The weather moved in and nearly stopped us since the I-80 was closed in several places, but we were able to go the scenic (aka long) route. Thirteen hours, ten PB&Js, three cucumbers, one bag of mini-carrots, and a gallon of water later, we made it!

We are so excited and incredibly grateful to have this opportunity. I'm very curious to see how the kids respond to the lessons and I'm so excited to FINALLY learn how to cann. 

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