Saturday, October 5, 2013

The $0 Question

Day Five.

Today was much better than yesterday.  The small ones (or big ones for that matter) didn't complain at all.  We did things a little differently today: breakfast like normal but at 11:30 everyone wanted to sample the fresh banana bread--effectively throwing off the rest of the meal schedules.  So we grilled zucchini from Donnie's garden, some potatoes I found in the pantry, hamburgers, and roasted some cauliflower (yummy!) around 3:30 and gave the kids some fruit and cereal before bed.  (PS if anyone has any suggestions for the leftover potatoes and squash I would appreciate the ideas/recipes!!)

I have run into a strange dilemma--every time I go to the pantry/freezer I stare into it and wonder should I use that now or save it?  But isn't saving it how we ended up with as much food as we have?  Or was it truly stocking up during sales? Are we going to end up living off of oatmeal, roasted green chilies, and black beans halfway through the month? Should I have some of the dreaded green beans and boiled pinto beans dinners now and save the frozen chicken for later?  It's hard to know.  I don't keep THAT in my pantry and freezer so--while we have plenty for now--I have always doubted it would last an entire month. 

So the $0 question--eat it or save it???


  1. Eat it and trust God. When we moved to Idaho our food budget was literally $50 per week for our family of 3. And we survived. Even now its not a lot more than that. Sometimes I plan a menu for 1 week and it will last 2 weeks. God is faithful to provide... this will be a great lesson in that. Look up the blog Wanting What you Have the authors name is Heather she is all about figuring out exactly how much you need to use of things to be effective (i.e. how much dishwasher detergent you actually need to get clean dishes). She also writes another blog called Economical Eats and writes posts called Leftover Magic where she turns random things into something great. :D

    1. Wow. That's amazing. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely look into them. And, you are right, I have already been amazed by how long food is lasting!