Thursday, October 10, 2013

I lost the war today

Day Ten.

I ventured out today. 

It did not go well. 

We needed soap--I had a legitimate reason to go to Target, but next time I'll send Donnie.  :/

What really did me in was not the soap aisle--it was shoe section. 

We've hit that strange time of year where flip flops don't always work for the kids.  (gasp I know!)  Sunday we left for church in 48* weather and the oldest was in flips.  Parent of the year here.  So I decided--after checking the hand-me-down box and coming up empty--that shoes do count as a must in this situation.  After finding the needed soap, I took the little ones over to the big-girl shoe section to see if I would strike it lucky with a sale.  And I did!  I got her some adorable, yet practical shoes that will work for church without breaking the bank. 

And then I saw them.

The shoes that I had had my eye on for the middle one's birthday (mid November) were 25% off.  TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT!!!  They're beyond perfect for her--leopard print tennis shoes with pink, glittery laces.  She would not just love them--she would adore them.  I felt like I was in one of those old cartoons where I had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.  I wanted them so badly for her!!!!

While I'm happy to report that I did not give in to the intense temptation to buy them, I am embarrassed to report it lead to some major pouting--by me.  My attitude failed me greatly.  (Thankfully my determination to keep the kids oblivious to the shoes also kept them oblivious to my pouting.)  You see I could not justify them.  She doesn't need them.  She would absolutely, positively want them, but they are far from a need.  But even though I knew that, I couldn't seem to convince myself to have a grateful heart. 

So even though I won temptation, I lost the attitude war.  :(

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